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Bachelor of Architecture

from the Miami University School of Architecture
GROTTE Spa Interior Architecture Studio 2020, Year 4
During my final year of my Bachelors Degree, I had the chance to take an Interior Design studio that included students from Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design. It was my first collaboration between these three disciplines, and it was the defining part of my architectural studies. Afterwards, I knew I wanted my career to go in a direction where I could shape spaces from the inside out, and subsequently did my MFA in Interior Architecture as a direct consequence of this studio. I feel most excited when I can focus solely on the interior spaces of a building. A team of five designers, including myself, created a spa based on the idea of a grotto. As one of two architects, I got to focus on the interior spaces and create a series of spatial environments for the client. One member of our team was an interior designer from Germany, and we used his knowledge of thermal spas to create a similar experience of plunging into different temperatures of water. The grotto incorporated pools and running water throughout, which along with high ceilings and cracks of natural light, created the feeling of being in a cavern.
Collage rendering showing the hall leading to the yoga studios.
Site elevations. By Claire Showalter
Two floor plans, one showing water flowing through the building (left), and one showing points of light (right).
Site section showing from Left to Right, the Yoga studios, the main pool room and a message room. By Claire Showalter