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Bachelor of Architecture

from the Miami University School of Architecture
Event Pavilion 2007, Year 2
Parti Drawing. In ink on velum.
While mainly a studio project focused on creating architectural drawings by hand, this project was a turning point for my architecture career. I was told by a tutor that I needed to think more about the exterior rather than the interior of the building and I suddenly realised I was not as interested in the exterior. After this exchange, I knew I wanted to focus on interior spaces and spent the final year of my BA thinking about the inside of buildings. This project brief was to create an event pavilion on Miami University's campus, including a bridge to pass over a busy road. My inspiration were crescendo and decrescendo markings from music, which were used in plan to illustrate views and sounds coming from the building. All the drawings were in ink on vellum paper and drawn by hand. This was the first and last time I have completed a project without a computer, a fact I both regret and celebrate.
Three sketches of the event pavilion. In graphite on paper.
Rendering of the amphitheatre, in coloured pencil and digital overlay.
Overall site plan, showing the bridge crossing the road and leading to the event pavilion. In ink on velum.
Floor plan of the event pavilion. In ink on velum.
Two images of the physical model. In wood, acrylic, paper and foam core board.